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MSK-AFA-L800 800mm Cast Coating Machine (for Making 18650 Cylindrical Batteries)

Product introduction:

MSK-AFA-L800 is a 800mm long cast coater. It contains a vacuum chuck and an oil-free vacuum pump. It can be used to make long thick films with a micron adjustable blade. With a unique automatic propulsion device, it can produce a smooth coating on any material within a range of 180mm width and 600 length. It is an ideal tool for low-cost research and development of 18650 battery electrode materials.

MSK-CSE-300 Electric Slitting Machine

Product introduction:

The MSK-CSE-300 electric slitting machine can be applied to the precision slitting process of positive and negative electrodes of lithium ion batteries. Sheet feeding, upper and lower circular knife slitting, electric drive, slitting width can be adjusted according to the adjustment spacer.

MSK-NMP-1 Solvent Processing System

Product introduction:

MSK-NMP-1 solvent treatment system uses water bath absorption principle to perform NMP exhaust gas recovery treatment during the lithium ion battery positive electrode coating process. It matches the small coil coating machine in the laboratory and has a very good treatment effect.

MSK-SFM-3 High Speed Vibration Ball Mill

Product description:

SFM-3 high-speed vibrating ball mill can be used for dry and wet ball milling or mixing all kinds of solids, suspensions and slurries with different particle sizes and materials. , The tank body eccentrically swings; drives the entire support to vibrate up and down, so that the grinding process is completed in a three-dimensional space with high-speed swing and vibration, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of grinding.

MSK-SFM-9 Double Planetary Vacuum Mixer

Product description:

MSK-SFM-9 double planetary four-blade vacuum mixer is a high-efficiency mixing equipment integrating vacuum low-speed mixing and high-speed dispersion. It can be applied to various solvent and powder mixing processes, such as lithium ion batteries, tapes, solar energy, Chemical ingredients and other raw materials. The integrated design of the device is small and exquisite, with good mixing uniformity and convenient and easy to use.

MSK-TE9002 Needle Punching Tester

Product introduction:

MSK-TE9002 Battery Needle Puncture Tester is a device that can be applied to the safety test of lithium ion batteries and battery packs. It can realize the safety performance of the battery when the battery is punctured by a steel needle at normal temperature. It can be monitored during the test Battery surface temperature.

MSK-TE901 Temperature-controlled Battery External Short-circuit Tester

Product introduction:

MSK-TE901 temperature-controlled battery external short-circuit tester is a device that can be applied to the external short-circuit test process of lithium-ion batteries. The device consists of a short-circuit control unit and a temperature-controlled explosion-proof box. While detecting and recording the surface temperature of the battery, it can complete external short-circuit tests of lithium batteries in two different states, room temperature and high temperature, and meet various battery safety test standards at home and abroad.

MSK-TE902 Battery Impact Tester

Product introduction:

The MSK-TE902 battery heavy object impact tester is a device that can be applied to the safety test of lithium-ion batteries and battery packs. It can simulate the safety performance of the battery when the battery is impacted by a heavy object. A 10Kg or 9.1Kg weight is designed to fall freely at a height of 1m or 610mm, and hit a metal rod with a diameter of 15.8mm (5/8 inches). Press the battery cell sample vertically below the metal rod.

MSK-TE903 Battery Overcharge Overdischarge Explosion-proof Box

product description:

MSK-TE903 explosion-proof box can be used for lithium-ion battery over-charge and over-discharge testing and storage to prevent unnecessary damage caused by battery burning or explosion. The equipment adopts metal frame design, double-layer sheet metal structure, strong texture and good explosion-proof effect.

SC-18650-18650 Cylindrical Battery Measurement Kit

Product introduction:

SC-18650 is a detachable cylindrical battery measurement kit, specifically for the research of standard 18650 cylindrical batteries. Disassembly and assembly is quick and easy to change the electrode material under study.

SNB-2 Digital Rotary Viscometer

Product introduction:

SNB-2 Digital Rotary Viscometer is a new type of digital product developed based on the single-chip microprocessor technology for measuring the viscosity resistance of liquids and the absolute viscosity of liquids. Compared with similar products, it has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, stable viscosity value display, easy to read, simple operation, and good anti-interference performance. It is widely used to determine the viscosity of battery electrode coating paste, so as to facilitate adjustment to achieve the best mixing effect of the electrode paste. It can also be used to determine the viscosity of various fluids such as paint, food, drugs, adhesives and cosmetics.