Features and Application Areas of Button Lithium Battery Production Line
Features of Etelux lithium button battery automation production line:
Firstly, it can quickly distribute materials, detect and sort
Secondly, it reduces production costs and improves production power, reduces production costs and improves production power
Thirdly, Safety and standardization, simplifying the production process
Forthly, High precision, high efficiency, serialization and high automation
At last,  Make the produced lithium battery have better consistency, high reliable safety performance and through yield.
Application area:
Firstly, Electric vehicle field
Secondly, The field of electric bicycles
Thirdly, The field of power tools
Forthly, The field of battery raw materials
Fifthly, Battery finished products
Sixly, Intelligent energy storage field
At last, Digital 3c field

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MSK-110D Small Hydraulic Button

Product description:

MSK-110D small hydraulic button is a small hydraulic button battery remover product developed by the American MTI company. The standard configuration can be used to remove all CR20 series button batteries. It has the advantages of small size, convenient operation and precise disassembly. It is mainly used for sample uptake research of battery internal materials.

MSK-SFM-3 High Speed Vibration Ball Mill

Product description:

SFM-3 high-speed vibrating ball mill can be used for dry and wet ball milling or mixing all kinds of solids, suspensions and slurries with different particle sizes and materials. , The tank body eccentrically swings; drives the entire support to vibrate up and down, so that the grinding process is completed in a three-dimensional space with high-speed swing and vibration, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of grinding.

MSK-SFM-9 Double Planetary Vacuum Mixer

Product description:

MSK-SFM-9 double planetary four-blade vacuum mixer is a high-efficiency mixing equipment integrating vacuum low-speed mixing and high-speed dispersion. It can be applied to various solvent and powder mixing processes, such as lithium ion batteries, tapes, solar energy, Chemical ingredients and other raw materials. The integrated design of the device is small and exquisite, with good mixing uniformity and convenient and easy to use.