Manufacturing Method of Lithium Battery Liquid Injection Machine

Flow Battery and lithium batteries need to inject the electrolyte into the airbag during production.

The existing lithium batteries generally use manual or automatic injection. Because the high yield of the automatic injection production method and the rapid production speed, lithium batteries use widely.

However, the existing automatic liquid injection machine is in line production. It is not conducive to reducing production costs.

In addition, the process of loading and unloading of the automatic liquid injection machine also needs manual operation. And it does not realize fully automated production.

An automatic production line for lithium batteries can solve the technical problems of low electrolyte injection efficiency.  Poor injection accuracy, and inability are to prevent the reaction.

Between the water in the atmosphere and the electrolyte solute lithium hexafluorophosphate during the injection.

Lithium battery automatic production line can realize full-automatic code scanning-filling-weighing-refilling-sealing operation.  In the super purification glove box,  it realizes  efficient and completely unmanned automated production.

And it seals the battery after the filling. The battery sealing is completed automatically high productivity.

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