Operation Steps of Vacuum Glove Box

The method of vacuuming and charging:

1. This product is divided into two parts: the main box and the antechambers. The main box body cannot be vacuumed separately, and the antechambers can be vacuumed separately.

2. First open the door inside the antechambers, and then close all the glove interface glands, valves and doors of the antechambers.

3. Open the three-way valve between the glove ports (rotate counterclockwise), connect the space between the glove interface gland and the glove to the box, so that the surface and the interior of the glove (box and interface) are vacuumed together when pumping air , Insist on air pressure balance on both sides.

Non-standard single station glove box

4. Connect the vacuum pump to a valve in the antechambers, open the vacuum pump, and slowly open the valve to pump air to the system (if the valve is opened too fast, it may cause the gloves to swell).

5. When the pointer of the vacuum gauge drops and stabilizes at -0.1MPa, the vacuuming is complete. At this time, the valve should be closed before the vacuum pump.

6. Then fill the box with inert gas through another valve. The pressure is slightly higher than atmospheric pressure (barometer index is 0MPa), so that the pressure inside and outside the box is basically balanced, and the inside is slightly higher than the outside, which can ensure that the atmosphere is not Will enter the inside of the box (if you want to make the gas in the box more pure, you can repeat the above process of pumping and inflating several times). Turn off the three-way valve that connects to the glove interface and open the gland on the glove interface to operate.

Non-standard single station glove box

2. How to put objects in and out of the main box:

1. How to put the object into the main box: After you finish the operation of “(1) Vacuum and Inflate” above, if you need to put the object into the main box, please close the inner door of the antechambers and turn it over. Open the outer door of the antechambers, put the objects in, then close the outer door, and use the two valves on the antechambers to pump and inflate. The pressure in the main box and the antechambers is fundamentally balanced with the atmospheric pressure, so that the door inside can be opened and the objects can be taken into the main box.

2. How to take out the objects in the main box: Put the objects in the antechambers first, and close the antechambers door tightly. If the antechambers indoor air pressure and atmospheric pressure are fundamentally balanced, the antechambers outdoor door can be opened to take out the object.