Organic light-emitting diodes (Organic Light-emitting Diodes) are also known as organic electric laser displays and organic light-emitting semiconductors. It has the advantages of self-emission, wide viewing angle, almost infinitely high contrast, low power consumption, and extremely high response speed.

OLED display technology is widely used in lighting applications and home appliances, including mobile phones, digital cameras, DVD players, MP3 players, laptops, car stereos and high-definition televisions.


OLEDs are divided into two categories: one is based on small carbon molecules, and the other is made of polymers;

Due to the complexity of the equipment, pollution control is the key to OLED manufacturing;

Mirona provides clean environmental solutions for OLED production, from laboratory systems to automated production lines in leading production environments, ensuring that OLEDs can be carried out in key areas such as development, research, and packaging.