Working status and use steps of vacuum glove box

The vacuum glove box system is a device that circulates through the purification system to filter and remove the active substances (both water and oxygen can reach below 1PPM), so as to maintain a high-purity inert gas environment inside. It is mainly composed of cabinet, frame, transition cabin, gas purification system, PLC automatic control system, etc. It mainly removes O2, H2O, and organic gases. It is suitable for working environment that requires high water and oxygen content. Mainly used in: laboratories and production links in high-tech fields; such as: lithium-ion batteries and materials, semiconductors, super capacitors, special lamps, laser welding, brazing, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Precautions for the use of the vacuum glove box: 1. Please use AC 220V-50HZ power supply, and pay attention to the good grounding of the equipment. 2. It is recommended to use a mixed gas source with a H2 content of 5%-10%.
Instructions for using vacuum glove box:

  1. The vacuum pump should be kept on while the system is working. 2. When the oxygen concentration in the box exceeds 200PPM, the equipment maintenance personnel should be notified to perform system operations, otherwise the water and oxygen purification system will be damaged. 3. Check before starting the cycle to see if the box is in condition or regeneration. If the operation mentioned above is in progress, it is absolutely forbidden to loop. 4. Two purification columns cannot be regenerated at the same time. A. Before regeneration, ensure that the glove box has been cleaned by inert gas (H2OFor vacuum glove box equipment, a vacuum pump is an indispensable component for obtaining a vacuum environment. Every vacuum glove box equipment manufactured by Changsha Deke is equipped with one or more vacuum pumps.
  2. When selecting a vacuum pump, first pay attention to whether the vibration generated by the vacuum pump has an impact on the process and the environment. If the process is affected, anti-vibration measures should be taken or another vacuum pump should be selected. It is necessary to understand the composition of the gas to be pumped when selecting. If selective pumping is required, one pump may not be enough to meet the requirements, and a variety of different pumps must be combined to work together. If the vacuum glove box equipment is required to be oil-free Oil-free pumps should be used.
  3. The price and maintenance cost of the vacuum pump are also one of the key points we consider.
    Third, the vacuum glove box equipment has more and more requirements for the ultimate vacuum degree and working pressure intensity, and the higher the requirements for the vacuum pumping capacity of the vacuum pump. At least the ultimate vacuum degree of the pump is higher than half of the working vacuum degree of the vacuum equipment. More than orders of magnitude. Each pump has a certain working pressure range, for example, the pressure of a diffusion pump is 3~10-7mmHg, and its stable working pressure range is 510-4~510-6mmHg, then the use of a diffusion pump cannot make it Work outside the undetermined working pressure range.
  4. When the gas pressure required by the pump is not high or the required vacuum is not high, the single-stage pump can be selected first. The exhaust pressure or vacuum requirements are relatively high, and the single-click pump is often not possible. To meet the requirements, you can choose to use a two-stage pump or a multi-stage pump.

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