The vacuum glove box (the full name should be “anaerobic anaerobic inert gas operation box”) is developed according to the scientific research, production and processing requirements of universities, research rooms and enterprises. Its airtightness characteristics of imported vacuum pumps and the level of continuous fermentation have exceeded the high level, and it has been praised by customers. In the chemical reaction and the pre-treatment of the test product, some compounds are very sensitive to oxygen and water, which cannot be carried out in the general geographical environment. Although the chemical reaction of this kind of compound can be carried out in the imported vacuum pump container, the process cannot be operated, which promotes the chemical reaction of this kind of compound and the pre-treatment of the test product is very difficult. The use of a vacuum glove box allows these compounds to be easily operated, manifested and tested in the absence of oxygen and water. Therefore, it is used in analytical chemistry, manufacturing plants, microbial strains, and cell biology, especially in certain The preparation and scientific research of metal catalysts and metal composite organic materials (such as MO sources, etc.) have a wide range of applications.
   All systems of the vacuum glove box are made of stainless steel plate (1Cr18Ni9Ti), which is corrosion-resistant, durable, and zero environmental pollution. The dialog box facing the operation box has a wide viewing angle. There are multiple shut-off valves on the cover, which is beneficial to use. The cover is equipped with a porous material power plug, and the power transformer needs to be guided to the body of the cover box. During the operation, thick or thin latex gloves can be used according to the customer, and the airtightness is good. The airtight machine and equipment scheme of the docking room and the main enclosure is unique in design, reliable in airtightness, and convenient and quick to open. It is mainly composed of two parts: the main cover and the docking room. If customers have other requirements, they can design, produce, and process according to the plan.
The main cover is equipped with 2 (or 2 upper and lower) rubber glove operation process sockets, which are all over the front of the cover (or upper, lower, left, and right sides), which promotes the operation of the box to be used by one (or several) people together The operation process improves the utilization efficiency of the cover. In addition, windows often appear on the front (or up, down, left, and right) of the cover, so that the construction personnel can clearly observe the operation steps of rubbing the body of the box, and promote the artistic display of the operation steps under the eyes of the construction personnel. The shut-off valve of the docking chamber is equipped with vacuum packaging and pump nozzle, which can be connected when vacuum packaging or pump is required. Valves and nozzles are also installed on the main cover. Customers must maintain the standard balance of tire pressure to deflate or pump the main cover. (The three-way valve in the middle of the rubber glove port can be used when it is essential. gas). A fluorescent tube for lighting equipment is installed on the front window of the main housing. The docking room is designed as a docking indoor space between the main housing and the housing, and it is composed of 2 sealed doors, 2 shut-off valves, and a chamber body. The two doors inside and outside can effectively isolate the main cover from the outside world, and promote the entry and exit of the objects inside and outside the cover when the main cover is isolated from the gas, thereby avoiding continuous damage to the vacuum packaging bag and pump of the main cover. trouble.
In the process of scientific experiments, some substances are easily oxidized and deliquescent in the atmosphere, which makes the chemical reaction of the test substance and the pre-treatment of the sample very difficult, which affects the test process and test results. Vacuum glove box, glove box, experimental glove box, gas operation box (also known as vacuum inert gas operation box) effectively solve these problems, the device can make test samples can be safely put in and out, and in the absence of oxygen and water The free operation, reaction and testing under the state ensure the normal progress of scientific experiments.
The gas replacement of the vacuum glove box box adopts the vacuum replacement method, that is, the box is first evacuated and then filled with protective gas (such as high-purity argon, nitrogen, etc.). Its characteristics are: fast gas replacement speed, low gas consumption, and Convenient, fast, economical, reliable, etc., but the gas replacement is incomplete and does not have the function of maintaining the atmosphere of the cabinet. Therefore, it is mostly used in small-scale experiments and small-scale tests where the oxygen content of water is above 800PPM.

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