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What are The Working Principles of The Glove Box and The Vacuum Box?

Function principle of glove box

The working gas in the glove box is between the box and the purification column (water-oxygen adsorber). Under the control and monitoring of PLC, it is closed and circulated through pipes and circulating fans. When the working gas circulates through the purification column, its moisture and oxygen are adsorbed, and then returned to the box. As the circulation time goes by, the water and oxygen content in the working gas in the box gradually decreases, and finally reaches the index of less than 1ppm. The purification column will be saturated with adsorption after a certain period of circulation, and can be regenerated and reused.

For most people, the vacuum box is undoubtedly a strange word. So let alone how it works, many people may not even know what it does. But it’s okay, let’s introduce it for you, hope it will be helpful to you:

Vacuum box

  1. The vacuum box is based on the principle of low boiling point and low temperature of water at low pressure. It is used for low-temperature drying of materials that are easy to decompose, polymerize and heat-sensitive at high temperatures, so that the moisture in the dried water-containing materials is quickly vaporized and discharged to achieve the purpose of drying. Compared with the more common drying methods, it has the characteristics of fast drying speed, less pollution and no damage to the internal characteristics of the dried items. Therefore, the drying oven is widely used in medicine, food, light industry, chemical industry, Electronics, aerospace, railway, and other industries.
  2. The vacuum box can be divided into a barrel type structure and a box type structure. The product has a beautiful appearance and a small footprint, which can make full use of the effective space of the studio. The series of vacuum boxes are static ovens.
  3. The door used in the electronics industry and large-scale electric train motors and transformer ovens adopts electric door lifting, PLC programming, automatic interlocking control, automatic entry and exit of workpieces, uniform heating and high stability.