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What Are The Factors That Determine The Quality of The Glove Box?

The quality of the glove box is determined by many factors, mainly leakage rate, H2O and O2 index, regeneration frequency, equipment failure rate and function.

1) Leakage rate: Leakage is the most important factor affecting the performance of the glove box, because the size of the leakage rate determines the concentration of H2O and O2 impurities in the glove box, the regeneration frequency, and the life of the gas purification material. The leakage rate of the single-station glove box is usually <0.001%vol/h to 0.05%vol/h, and the leakage rate of the Etelux glove box is <0.001%vol/h.

2) H2O and O2 index: The H2O and O2 index refers to the concentration of water and oxygen in the box, which is a standard for measuring the purity of the gas in the glove box. Usually their concentration is maintained at less than 1PPM (parts per million). When the H2O and O2 concentration continues to be greater than 1 PPM, it indicates that the gas purification capacity of the purification column has been consumed to a considerable extent, and it has been unable to maintain the H2O and O2 index of the glove box within the required range. At this time, the gas purification system of the glove box needs to be regenerated.

3) Regeneration frequency of the gas purification system: Regeneration of the glove box requires the purchase of regeneration gas, and the use of the glove box must be stopped for one day during regeneration. Therefore, excessive frequent regeneration not only increases operating costs, but also affects production efficiency. The frequency of regeneration of the gas purification system is usually 1 to 12 times a year. The regeneration frequency of the Etelux glove box is once a year.

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