Special Glove Box for Super Capacitor

At this stage, the research and development and production of supercapacitors are gradually developing into higher-tech fields, so the requirements for the working environment are quite high. The Etelux glove box equipped with supercapacitor production lines can meet customer needs, with special purpose, high efficiency, etc.


Etelux’s glove box is a kind of equipment that provides an anhydrous and oxygen-free environment. The box is filled with high-purity inert gas, and the active substances in it are filtered and removed. The samples are freely operated in an anhydrous and oxygen-free environment. . The equipment is mainly composed of display system, filter chamber, vacuum system, control system, cabinet, circulation purification and regeneration system, etc., and can also be integrated with gas purification system, solvent filtration system, water and oxygen display system. Working principle: A closed space is formed through the purification system, and inert gas (nitrogen, argon) is injected into it to filter and remove the active substances in it (H2O and oxygen are less than 1ppm), so that the interior maintains a high-purity environment.

Technical characteristics

The box body is made of 304 stainless steel and the thickness is 3mm

Three brackets can put experimental or production items on it, effectively using space

Installed at the air inlet and outlet of the purification system

Foot switch adjusts the pressure in the box

The touch screen is simple and easy to operate, humanized design

Automatic PIC control system, automatic cabinet control pressure, cabinet atmosphere alarm system, system historical data recording and display, automatic conversion of purification and restoration of the purification system, automatic maintenance of cabinet atmosphere, cycle purification can be automatically controlled by the water and oxygen indicators in the cabinet , Extend the life of the fan and save resources, automatic transition cabin pumping and inflation operation, all operations have preset conditions, to avoid unsafe operations that damage the equipment or affect the atmosphere of the chamber.