Smart IoT Glove Box

Etelux’s IoT glove box has found a new breakthrough in the interconnection technology of glove box equipment. The traditional glove box equipment is equipped with a touch screen on the box body, and the user controls the glove box device by operating the touch screen on the box body during use. Customers will inevitably encounter some problems in use.


1. For long-term operations with a glove box, you need to keep an eye on the field to observe the data.

2. I want to query some historical status of the glove box in order to analyze which process links have problems when the glove box is used for production or experiment.

3. There are multiple glove boxes, and it is very inconvenient to manage one by one.

In order to help customers better use glove box products, Etelux has developed IoT glove box products. The product can be applied to a variety of industrial equipment to realize networked monitoring, centralized management, online diagnosis, etc. of equipment in different regions, bringing users a convenient, reliable, and intelligent equipment management experience.


1. Log in to the WeChat official account to enter the control interface

2. Scan the QR code to log in directly to the control system

3. Real-time monitoring of equipment operating status

4. Equipment data can be backed up, and historical data can be queried

5. Alarm message notification via WeChat, SMS or email

6. Equipment remote debugging and fault diagnosis

7. One-click contact customer service

8. View the help manual online