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Laser Welding Glove Box with Dust Removal System Equipped with Heating Vacuum Oven

Vacuum glove box with dust removal system is designed for materials science, chemistry, semiconductor and related industries. Using German BASF deoxidizing materials, American UOP high-efficiency H2O-absorbing materials, the H2O and O2 components in the glove box can continuously maintain a high-purity and high-purity ultra-low H2O and O2 environment with a gas purity of less than 1ppm for a long time. Manual / automatic control system of air pressure; Manual / automatic control system of purification status; automatic control of the gas purification system’s reduction process; automatic prompt and alarm functions; system control parameter settings; system parameter recording; system actuator monitoring of operating conditions; transparent front panel makes operation more convenient and easy, widely used for preparing nanomaterials and battery electrode materials.