Operating The Precautions Before The Glove Box?

Vacuum gloves are widely used in industries with higher gas purification requirements. Although the current glove box is designed, it is easy to operate. However, the structure of the glove box is complex, more important parts, slightly misconduct, may cause loss to your experimental results.

Let’s introduce what you should do before the operation:

1. Check if there is nitrogen in the nitrogen bottle, nitrogen should be replaced in time, and the output pressure of nitrogen is set to 0.5 MPa.

2, check if the vacuum pump is turned normally.

3, check whether the cycle of the glove box is opened. (Purified column -i or purified column-II to open one)

4. The upper limit pressure in the check setting should be +1, the lower limit pressure is 0

5, check whether oxygen and dew point is normal (oxygen is 0.1 ppm or less, dew point-40)

6, excess cabin audible pump should be in a normally open state