How to Regenerate the Glove Box?

Glove box regeneration

1) Regeneration gas: a mixture of hydrogen and inert gas (hydrogen occupies 5%-10%)

2) Quantity: 40L cylinder 10Mpa

3) Regenerative gas pressure: about 0.05Mpa

4) Process: 3 hours heating-3 hours heating and ventilation-6 hours vacuuming-8 hours cooling

5) Steps:

①Connect the regeneration gas pressure reducing valve to the regeneration gas cylinder, open the main valve to the maximum, and set the auxiliary valve to 0.1Mpa (the pressure during ventilation is about 0.05-0.08Mpa);

②Close the circle and analyzer;

③Turn on the vacuum pump;

④Start regeneration;

⑤Preheat for the first three hours, and start ventilation at the fourth hour. After the ventilation is started, adjust the pressure of the pressure reducing valve auxiliary valve so that the flow meter of the air outlet is 15-20L/min (sometimes the pressure will change when the gas is connected. Lastly, pay attention that the maximum flow does not exceed 20Lmin);

⑥4-6 hours is the ventilation time, and the regeneration gas cylinder can be removed after the end (the subsequent time is the automatic operation of the glove box, and it is not allowed to manually turn off the regeneration).


During the regeneration process (especially the first 6 hours), do not cut off the power and gas! Some pressure reducing valves are inaccurate, and the pressure needs to be adjusted appropriately to ensure continuous ventilation for 3 hours!