There are more and more applications of glove boxes in daily life. Principles and manufacturing processes continue to innovate. At present, domestic glove box manufacturers are developing rapidly. However, many domestic glove box manufacturers have different levels of technology mastery and air tightness. , Durability and anti-permeability of water and oxygen may not work.
The quality of the glove box can be started from the following aspects:

  1. Glove box gas leakage is not fast and reaches the pressure holding standard, but the water and oxygen index does not meet the standard, and can not be stably controlled to the standard of less than 1ppm, that is, the sealing materials and seals have poor anti-permeability ability, and more water and oxygen enter the glove box. The inert atmosphere reduces the purity of the inert atmosphere in the environment.
  2. The different technical sources of the glove box products of different domestic manufacturers or the differences in the principle, production process, and industry experience of the glove box products will also affect the atmosphere stability, durability and data accuracy of the glove box products of the factory.
  3. The pressure of the glove box is not closed, and one bottle of inert gas may be consumed in 2 days.
  4. The accuracy and durability of the glove box water and oxygen probes are uneven. The probe specifications and materials used by different domestic glove box manufacturers are different, and the probe life and test accuracy are also different. The test data of the atmosphere in the glove box may not be available. Reflect the true water and oxygen content of the glove box atmosphere.
  5. Some companies that purely and simply imitate the glove box have the phenomenon of shoddy fabrication, without technical reserves, it will be very bad after purchase.
    In our vacuum environment experiment or inert gas experiment process, we often encounter the problem of how to select the glove box. According to the experience of our company’s engineers, we can generally select the glove box through the following conditions

First of all, we need to confirm which type of glove box is made?
If the internal environment of the box is very high, and the water content and oxygen content are required to be less than one thousandth, then a circulating gas glove box must be selected. Because the circulating gas glove box has been dewatering and deoxygenating the gas inside the box to meet the requirements of the experiment, ordinary glove boxes cannot meet the requirements.

If you need to have requirements for the vacuum inside the box, you can choose an ordinary glove box. Ordinary glove boxes are divided into acrylic glove boxes and stainless steel vacuum glove boxes.

If it is a box that needs vacuum experiment, then you need to choose a stainless steel vacuum glove box, because the box of the stainless steel vacuum glove box is very strong and reliable, with good air tightness, and suitable for vacuum experiment.

If gas replacement is possible, then you can choose an acrylic glove box, which is characterized by a relatively cheap price.
Finally, we need to determine the box that requires several people to operate, that is, how many workstations. The vacuum glove box is operated by at least one person, and the maximum is not limited. Then, the manufacturer must be clearly notified of the names of the materials that may be in contact with the box to determine the material required for the glove box. In the end, it is to determine the necessary equipment list according to its own test and production requirements to avoid purchasing parts that are not needed. For example, in the test, the moisture content is high, but the oxygen content is not required, so you don’t need to buy oxygen sensor equipment.

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