Lithium-ion Batteries

High-performance All-solid-state Lithium Ion Battery and Preparation Method Thereof

The development of all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries, and the replacement of volatile, flammable, and explosive organic electrolytes with solid electrolytes is the fundamental way to solve battery safety problems. In addition, all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries will also have a lot of room for development in terms of increasing battery energy density, widening the operating temperature range, and extending service life. The development of solid electrolytes is a prerequisite for the application of all solid-state lithium-ion batteries. At present, there are extensive researches at home and abroad, and the application prospects are good. In the past two years, on the basis of great progress in the research of solid electrolytes, people are shifting their research focus to the structural design and production technology of all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries, and high-performance sample batteries have continued to appear. At present, all solid-state lithium-ion batteries are mostly a simple stack of positive electrode, negative electrode, and solid electrolyte. Although the safety is improved, the interface contact resistance is large, and the electrochemical performance is difficult to meet the needs of daily use. The development of lithium-ion batteries in the field of large-capacity power batteries is even more confused.

Therefore, we provide an automated production line for solid-state lithium-ion batteries. This production line is a fully automated production line for round solid-state batteries. Features: This production line is a fully-automatic production line for round solid-state batteries. The entire process is completed in the glove box, ensuring the entire process. The process is produced in an oxygen-free and water-free environment, ensuring the quality of the product.

In order to ensure accurate injection of positive electrode materials, solid electrolytes, and negative electrode materials

  1. The key point of powder injection for positive electrode materials is the use of spiral powder injection with vibration, so that the positive electrode material powder has not been passed through the powder injection process. The residue is attached to the tube wall to ensure the accuracy of powder injection of the positive electrode material. 2. Powder injection of solid electrolyte, which uses high temperature to melt the solid electrolyte first, and then liquid injection at high temperature to ensure the accuracy of powder injection of solid electrolyte. 3. Powder injection of negative electrode material, which also melts the negative electrode material first, and then performs high temperature liquid injection to ensure the accuracy of powder injection of the negative electrode material.

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