Glove Box Daily Maintenance Guidance

1) After operating the glove box, fill in the use record, including “use people, oxygen, how to operate”.

2) Check if the air pressure of the steel bottle is sufficient daily.

3) Regularly check the glove wear situation and check the vacuum pump level (between the upstream markings).

4) Regular cleaning H2O analyzer, frequency is 3 months to ensure accurate detection (also required according to the actual situation in different user boxes).

5) If an organic solvent is often used in the glove box, please replace the organic solvent adsorption material regularly, the frequency is 3-6 months.

7) Regularly replace the filter element, the frequency is 2 years.

8) Regularly replace the vacuum pump oil, the frequency is half a year, it is recommended to replace it after regeneration, such as the pump oil, yellow, send brown, etc., should be replaced immediately.

9) If a large amount of organic vapor is generated in the experiment, select off cycle and analyzer for experiment. After the experiment, clean it, then turn the cycle to protect the analyzer and purification system.

10) When the environment in the box is toxic or harmful, the vacuum pump out of the air, the regenerated air exhaust port and the cleaning valve exhaust port are discharged to the outdoor (not allowed to do exhaust gas treatment).