Circulating Inert Gas Glove Box

The circulating inert gas glove box can be widely used in the production process of lithium batteries, electronic powder, nanometer, ceramics, superconducting materials, etc. in the electronics, biopharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. It also needs to be dust-free, H2O-free, and oxygen-free. Necessary equipment for operating conditions. This product is manufactured in strict accordance with German standards and nuclear industry standards; product technology and quality meet or exceed the level of internationally renowned brands, and the product has a variety of specifications and models for users to purchase.

Main performance and features:

1. The box body and the transition chamber are all modular structures, which can be easily combined at will.

2. The environment in the box is controlled at oxygen content <1ppm and H2O content <1ppm

3. The use of the equipment is controlled by a microprocessor, and the oxygen and H2O content information in the box can be displayed on the screen, which is easy to operate.

4. The circulation system is sealed reliably and can work for a long time.

5. The equipment is equipped with automatic solenoid valves, and the regeneration process can be automatically controlled.

6. Equipped with 0.3 micron inlet and outlet filters to make the gas in the box cleaner.

7. Equipped with a main antechamber, and can realize the pumping and filling procedure can be controlled automatically or manually. (Size: diameter 360mm, length 600mm (optional diameter 400mm))

8. A mini antechamber can be installed according to user needs. (Size: diameter 150mm, length 300mm (optional diameter 100mm))

9. According to user needs, it can integrate organic solvent adsorber, refrigerator, heating furnace, microscopic projection system, installation of cold trap, low temperature bath, solvent purification system, dust removal system, pressurization system, evaporation table, glue ejector and vacuum furnace and so on.