Since its commercialization, lithium-ion batteries have been widely used as power sources for various mobile devices due to their advantages such as high energy density, high operating voltage, no memory effect, long cycle life, and no pollution to the environment. With the continuous multifunctionalization and refinement of various portable electronic devices, the energy density of lithium-ion batteries has also become higher and higher. The increase in the energy density of lithium-ion batteries has raised the safety design of them. In view of this, it is necessary to provide a lithium ion battery with good overcharge protection performance.

Provide a fully automatic integrated lithium battery production line, an integrated production line, consisting of an oven, a cooling glove box, a liquid injection glove box, a buffer glove box, a squeeze (static) vacuum box, a sealed glove box and a discharge vacuum box .

Advantages of the fully-automatic integrated lithium battery production line: The oven and the glove box are seamlessly connected to achieve continuous production. The oven and the glove box are seamlessly connected. After baking, the battery core is always kept in a water-free and oxygen-free environment. Fast cooling speed, the entire production line includes cooling glove box, fast cooling speed and low cost. The operating environment is water-free and oxygen-free, which guarantees that the battery cell is from baking to filling, and the sealing process is operated in a controlled water-free and oxygen-free environment, which provides the most solid protection for the quality of the battery. Functions such as automatic transmission can realize the automatic production of batteries, greatly improve production efficiency and save human capital. The MES manufacturing execution system and the configuration of the MES manufacturing execution system realize the information production. Low cost, customers do not need to build a drying room and purchase a rotary dehumidification system, saving investment costs and operating costs.

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