The IoT smart glove box can realize the following functions:

  1. Real-time data query, for example, you can view the real-time data of your glove box’s water and oxygen real-time value, box pressure real-time value, upper and lower pressure set value through your mobile phone at home
  2. Real-time control function, for example, if you forget to turn off the lighting when you leave the laboratory, you can turn off the lighting remotely through your mobile phone;
  3. Setting function, you can modify the setting value of the upper and lower pressure of the glove box according to the change of the weather;
  4. Cleaning function, for example, the water and oxygen value of the glove box is increased due to the sealing problem of the items. You can turn on the cleaning function of the glove box at any time through your mobile phone to reduce the water and oxygen value to the normal range in time;
  5. Historical data chart display function, you can view the historical data change curve at any time to understand the change trend of equipment data;
  6. Historical data report function, you can download the core data report to view all the data of a certain experiment or a certain period of time;
  7. Alarm information push function, when the glove box is powered off or other reasons, the alarm information will be sent to you in a timely message and WeChat;
  8. Device centralized management function, if you have multiple devices, you can manage each device separately through the system.

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