Intelligent Warning Function of The Internet of Things Glove Box

The traditional glove box is to control the touch screen of the box to control the glove box device by loading a touch screen on the box. Due to the operation of the operation, for example, let the cabinet will be looped first before the experiment, it takes a period of time, but this time is not fixed, can only go to the laboratory to see the data on the touch screen, which will result in time Not timely.

On the basis of the Internet of Things glove box, Etelux will also be committed to the Internet of Things technology for the entire industry. Application scenario covers remote monitoring of moisture treatment, electricity, construction machinery, food machinery.

1, the glove box can be collected in real time

2, status parameters are stored in real time, historical states can be queried.

3. Users can set which states are monitored.

4. Users can set the threshold of each status parameter.

5. The changes in each parameter under normal state of the system learning equipment.

6. The system is warned according to the threshold or state parameter.

7. System statistical analysis equipment operating conditions Generate status report.

State three categories: normal, alarm reminder (suspected problem), abnormal info (leak, failure, fault).