How to Distinguish the Quality of the Glove Box?

 The concept and equipment of glove box equipment have been introduced to our country for more than 10 years. The principle and manufacturing process have been continuously digested and absorbed by domestic glove box manufacturers. The products of domestic glove box manufacturers have gradually matured, but domestic large and small glove boxes Manufacturers have varying levels of technology mastery, and air tightness, durability, and water and oxygen permeability are not necessarily good.

      The specific performance of the glove box is as follows:

1. The pressure of the glove box is not closed, and it may consume 1 bottle of inert gas in 2 days;

2. The gas leakage of the glove box is not fast, reaching the holding pressure standard, but the water and oxygen index is not up to the standard, and can not be stably controlled to the standard of less than 1ppm, which means that the sealing materials and seals have poor anti-permeability, and more water and oxygen enter the glove box. Inert atmosphere, reduce the purity of the inert atmosphere of the environment;

3. The accuracy and durability of the glove box water and oxygen probes are uneven. The probe specifications and materials used by different domestic glove box manufacturers are different, and the probe life and test accuracy are also different. The test data of the atmosphere in the glove box may not be available. Reflect the true water and oxygen content of the glove box atmosphere;

4. The different technical sources of the glove box products of different domestic manufacturers or the differences in the principle, production process, and industry experience of the glove box products will also affect the atmosphere stability, durability and data accuracy of the glove box products of the factory.

5. Some companies that simply imitate the gloveboxes are shoddy and have no technical reserves. It will be very difficult to compare after purchase.