1) Regeneration gas: a mixture of hydrogen and inert gas (hydrogen accounts for 5%-10%)
2) Quantity: 40L cylinder 10Mpa
3) Regenerative gas pressure: 0.05Mpa (in the state of 0.05Mpa, the cylinder pressure drops by 1.5Mpa every half an hour. If it exceeds 1.5Mpa, reduce the pressure of the pressure reducing valve attached table. If it is less than 1.5Mpa, then Increase the pressure in the attached gauge of the pressure reducing valve)
4) Process: 3 hours of heating-3 hours of heating and ventilation-3 hours of vacuuming-1 hour of pumping up-10 hours of cooling
5) Steps:
①Connect the regeneration gas (check if the pipeline is leaking after connection: After connection, open the main valve of the pressure reducing valve to the maximum, turn on the auxiliary meter to 0.1Mpa, turn off the main valve, and wait for 15 minutes. If the pressure of the auxiliary meter remains 0.1 Mpa remains unchanged, indicating that there is no air leakage);
②Set the pressure of the auxiliary gauge of the pressure reducing valve to 0.1Mpa (the pressure during ventilation is about 0.06-0.08MPa);
③Close the loop and analyzer;
④Turn on the vacuum pump;
⑤Start regeneration;
⑥ The new program is over 20h (clean before regeneration, water and oxygen index <200ppm).
6) Note: Do not cut off the power and gas during the regeneration process of the glove box (especially the first 6 hours)! Some pressure reducing valves are inaccurate, and the pressure needs to be adjusted appropriately to ensure continuous ventilation for 3 hours!
7) Observe: Whether the regeneration gas flowmeter shows about 20L/min, otherwise adjust the pressure of the pressure reducing valve.

  1. Cleaning steps. Stop the cycle→set the pressure of the pressure reducing valve to 0.4MPa→click the task selection, cleaning button→set time→confirm to start cleaning→automatically stop when the time is up.
  2. Regeneration step. Stop circulation→open the regeneration gas cylinder pressure reducing valve to 0.05MPa→click regeneration→ventilate for 2 minutes, adjust the flowmeter to 20L/min→165min, then formally ventilate, the flowmeter 20L/min→automatically stop after the total time ends→close the regeneration gas reduction Pressure valve.
  3. Cycle operation. Stop regeneration and cleaning → adjust the pressure of the working gas cylinder pressure reducing valve to 0.4MPa → click cycle (manual and automatic are both possible). Air leakage at the cylinder: Some glove box cylinders use gas very quickly. It is very likely that there is air leakage at the connection between the cylinder and the glove box. Detection method 1 Open the pressure reducing valve, and apply bubbles from the steel cylinder to the glove box, and the leak will continue to bubble; detection method 2 Open the pressure reducing valve to 0.4Mpa, and close the pressure reducing valve after 5 minutes. Make sure that the glove box is not filled with air. After one hour, observe whether the pressure reading of the pressure reducing valve decreases. If it decreases significantly, it indicates air leakage.
    Connect the working gas (Ar/N2), and set the working pressure to 0.3-0.5MPa.    1. Connect the cabinet power supply (220v) and turn on the power switch.    2. Observe whether the water and oxygen content on the touch screen is above 500ppm. If it is above 500ppm, you need to clean the tank water and oxygen to below 500ppm before turning on the cycle. If the water and oxygen are below 500ppm, the circulation can be started directly. Circulation (the gas in the box circulates through the purification column, and water and oxygen are adsorbed by the purification column material). If the circulating water and oxygen content do not meet the working indicators for a long time, it means that the purification column has been saturated with adsorption, and at this time, regeneration is needed to restore the purification column.    3. Cleaning equipment: First, set the pressure to (upper pressure to 9 and lower pressure to 8), and then open the bellows connecting the fan to the purification column to (100-200). (Note that the loop is not allowed to open)    Four, regeneration:    1. Connect regeneration gas (5% H2 and other working gas).   2. Close the cycle, turn on the vacuum pump, set the tank pressure, up +3, down +1.   3, click the regeneration button, the time display will appear on the right, and the timing will start. The first two minutes is the gas test. The gas flow rate needs to be adjusted during the gas test. The flowmeter displays between 15-25 liters per minute. If the gas is not adjusted within two minutes, turn off the regeneration and start again until the adjustment is good ( If there is no ventilation during the air process, stop the regeneration and check the air circuit or contact the manufacturer).    4. The third hour of formal ventilation. The ventilation time is two and a half hours. During the ventilation period, the flow rate of the maintaining air is between 15-25 per minute, and there is a deviation to adjust the decompression meter.   5. The regeneration is over at the fifteenth hour, and the cycle cannot be started immediately after the regeneration is over. It takes four hours to start the cycle.    Note: The power cannot be cut off during the regeneration. If the power is cut off, the regeneration and circulation cannot be started within six hours after the power is received (otherwise the equipment will be damaged).

Glovebox regeneration procedure

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