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DHG-9000J 400 ℃ Blast Drying Box 71 liters

Product description:

DHG-9000J 400 ℃ blast drying box 71 liters This blast drying box is widely used in biochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical and health, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection and other research and application fields. For drying of glassware, thermal denaturation and thermal hardening of samples, exclude residual moisture in specimens, dry heat sterilization of microorganisms with glassware, heat before heating, and hardening or softening of food and chemicals during heating, exclude Moisture, to extend the storage time of food under severe conditions and building materials, drying of electronic components and heat resistance experiments, baking, disinfection, sterilization and material denaturation experiments. The insulation material is made of alumina fiber with high purity. The shell is made of thick and high-quality Q235 steel plate sprayed with plastic. The instrument is equipped with a float flow meter to communicate with the atmosphere. The temperature control instrument uses a 28-segment program to control temperature.