What Non-Standard Designs and Extended Functions can the Glove Box do?

Because of its powerful platform, the glove box can derive a lot of extended function configurations. Here are some commonly used extensions.

1. Low-temperature refrigerator: The low-temperature refrigerator can be purchased separately to be placed in the laboratory or placed in the glove box, but here is a low-temperature refrigerator integrated on the glove box. At present, the temperature of more low-temperature refrigerators in domestic use When the temperature is above -45℃, the shell of the integrated refrigerator is directly embedded on the side panel of the glove box. The refrigerator and the glove box are integrated. Most of the refrigerator doors open to the inside of the glove box. Some refrigerators use double doors, namely one The side door is inside the glove box and the other side door is outside.

2. High-temperature furnace or heating system: There are many mature products in the heating furnace and oven. It is also possible to place them in the glove box separately. However, due to the requirements of some processes and the limited effective use of the glove box, we need to use the oven Or the heating furnace and the glove box are integrated, and a more common practice is to make a heating transition cabin on the side panel of the box body, which not only has the function of the transition cabin, but also solves the problem of heating the oven. There are also those with an integrated oven at the bottom or top of the box, and the oven is sealed through a manual door or a lift door. According to the temperature range of the oven, it is divided into low temperature oven, high temperature oven and ultra high temperature oven. There are examples of ultra high temperature oven integrated into the glove box that can reach up to 1800°C.

3. Dust removal and laminar flow system: The glove box can be made to meet the GMP requirements, and the laminar flow system will be installed on the box to have the laminar flow effect. It is easy for the glove box to achieve 10 levels of laminar flow. There are also some dust removal devices that can also be integrated into the glove box, such as dust removal hoods for special welding or dust processes.

4. Conveyor or manipulator: Usually in the larger production, the conveyor will be integrated in the glove box. There are manual and automatic slide rail type, automatic crawler type, chain type, length and size can be customized according to the production process Yes, because the changeable space of the glove box box is very large, the integration of the automatic production line and the manipulator inside the box can be well realized.

5. Liquid injection and packaging system: Liquid injection and packaging in the glove box have been very common. The packaging of high-purity materials and the injection and sealing of lithium batteries are all completed in the glove box. The continuous production line of lithium batteries is improved and integrated with the glove box, which increases output and ensures product quality.