The principle of the glove box is laboratory equipment that fills the box with high-purity inert gas and circulates and filters out the active substances in it. The glove box is also called vacuum glove box, inert gas protection box, etc. The main function of the glove box is to remove O2, H2O and organic gases.

Glove boxes are widely used in ultra-pure environments without water, oxygen, and dust, such as: lithium ion batteries and materials, semiconductors, super capacitors, special lamps, laser welding, brazing, material synthesis, OLED, MOCVD, etc. It also includes biological applications, such as anaerobic bacteria culture, cell hypoxia culture, etc.

  1. The structure of the glove box
    The glove box is mainly composed of two parts: the main box body and the transition chamber. If users have other special requirements, they can also be designed and manufactured according to their needs.

There are two (or more than two) glove operation interfaces on the main box body, which are distributed on the front side (or front and back sides) of the box body, which enables the operation box to be operated by one (or several) people at the same time, which improves the box body The efficiency of use. In addition, there are observation windows on the front (or front and back) of the box, so that the operator can clearly observe the operation process inside the box, so that the operation process is intuitively displayed in front of the operator.
The valve of the transition chamber has suction and charging nozzles, which can be connected when suction or charging is required. Valves and nozzles are also installed on the main box body, which can be used by the user when deflating or inflating the main box body to maintain air pressure balance (the three-way valve between the glove ports can also be used to deflate if necessary). Illumination fluorescent lamps are installed above the front observation window of the main cabinet.

The transition chamber is used as the transition space between the main box body and the outside of the box body. It is composed of two sealed doors, two valves and a chamber body. The two doors inside and outside can effectively isolate the main box from the outside world, so that things inside and outside the box can enter and exit when the main box is isolated from the atmosphere, thereby avoiding the trouble of repeatedly vacuuming and inflating the main box.

Second, the principle of the glove box
The working gas in the glove box is between the box and the purification column (water oxygen adsorber). Under the control and monitoring of the PLC, it is closed and circulated through pipes, circulating fans, etc. When the working gas circulates through the purification column, the water and oxygen contained in it are adsorbed, and then return to the box. As the circulation time passes, the water and oxygen content in the working gas in the box gradually decreases, and Z eventually reaches the target of less than 1ppm. The purification column will be saturated with adsorption after a certain period of circulation, and can be regenerated and reused.
The vacuum glove box system is a device that filters and removes active substances (both water and oxygen can reach below 1PPM) through the purification system to maintain a high-purity inert gas environment inside.
It is mainly composed of cabinet, frame, transition cabin, gas purification system, PLC automatic control system, etc.
It mainly removes O2, H2O, and organic gases.
It is suitable for working environment that requires high water and oxygen content.

Mainly used in: laboratories and production links in high-tech fields; such as: lithium-ion batteries and materials, semiconductors, super capacitors, special lamps, laser welding, brazing, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Matters needing attention in the use of vacuum glove box:

  1. Please use AC 220V-50HZ power supply, and pay attention to the good grounding of the equipment.
  2. It is recommended to use a mixed gas source with a H2 content of 5%-10%. If the H2 content is less than 5%, the reduction effect of the system is poor; if the H2 content is higher than 10%, it may explode.
  3. For the gas source (mixed gas or inert gas) used, please ensure that its pressure value X is as follows: 3kg ≤X≤30 kg (3bar≤X≤30bar; 0.3MPA≤X≤3MPA); when the gas source pressure value When the pressure is lower than 3 kg, the system does not work; when the pressure value of the air source is higher than 30 kg, the pipeline may rupture

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