1. Closed loop:
    The glove box and the gas purification system constitute a closed circulation system, and the gas purification system provides gas circulation power.
  2. Man-machine dialogue:
    The glove box is equipped with a color touch screen and a Chinese interface to realize man-machine dialogue and convenient operation.
  3. Automatic control
    Function of glove box:
    (1) Manual/automatic control of box pressure;

(2) Manual/automatic control of the purification status of the gas purification system;

(3) Automatically control the reduction process of the gas purification system;

(4) Manual/automatic purification system reduction, purification and conversion purification column (when equipped with dual purification columns);

(5) Automatic cabinet atmosphere alarm;

(6) Setting of atmosphere and pressure parameters in the box and manual/automatic conversion;

(7) Parameter setting of the automatic control function of the gas purification system;

(8) Check system history records;

(9) Working condition detection of the actuator of the gas purification system;

(10) Operation errors and warning prompts of the program control system;

  1. Reduction and regeneration
    (1) The purification system adopts renewable/reducible purification materials, and the reduction process is automatically controlled by the system;

(2) During reduction and regeneration, power supply and a mixture of hydrogen (5-10%) and inert gas must be provided.

  1. Misoperation prevention:
    The system automatically detects the working conditions and equipment operating status through the PLC program control system. If there is an error, the system issues prompt instructions for incorrect operation or insufficient conditions, the equipment runs safer and the operator can use the equipment more conveniently.

The purpose of the glove box
The glove box operation needs to be isolated from the air for experiments. For example, metal lithium reacts with oxygen. Some reactions need to be carried out in an inert gas such as argon. Use an open (unshielded) radioactive source, protected with lead and lead glass. Protect experimenters from toxic chemicals. It is more completely isolated than the fume hood, but it is more inconvenient to operate. The glove box is mainly used for particularly toxic situations. Conduct experiments that may cause serious biological hazards, such as virulent bacteria.

Application field of glove box

  1. Food microbiological inspection;
  2. Examination of clinical specimens for treatment and hygiene;
  3. Research on anaerobic bacteria;
  4. Research on green new energy;
  5. Pollution control and treatment;
  6. Research on food production technology;
  7. Tumor research, life sciences;
  8. Material research;
  9. Lithium electronic technology production line.

1 Main cabinet: There are two (or more) glove operation interfaces on the front (or back) of the main cabinet. This allows multiple people to operate, and at the same time improves the efficiency of the box. The main box is transparent and you can observe the operation process inside the box. The valve of the transition chamber has suction and charging nozzles, which can be connected when suction or charging is required. Valves and nozzles are also installed on the main box body, which can be used by the user when deflating or inflating the main box body to maintain air pressure balance (the three-way valve between the glove ports can also be used to deflate if necessary). Illumination fluorescent lamps are installed above the front observation window of the main box.

  1. Transition room: The transition room is the transition space between the main box body and the outside of the box. The transition room is composed of two sealed doors, two valves, and a chamber body. It is precisely because there are two doors inside and outside that the main box can be more effectively isolated from the outside world, so that things inside and outside the box can enter and exit when the main box is isolated from the atmosphere, thereby avoiding repeated extraction of the main box. The trouble of vacuum and inflation.

Glove compartment replacement

Glove Compartment Handle Replacement

Glove compartment replacement parts

Glove Compartment Handle Replacement