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KF Hardware (also referred to as NW) assemblies consist of two Flanges, a Center-Rings and an aluminum Clamp. Quick Clamps are assembled with wing nuts to insure ease of use over time without tools. A uniform application of pressure on the clamp insures a vacuum seal. The mating flange surfaces compress the O-Ring, which is held in place by a metal centering ring, to generate the vacuum seal.

SC-18650-18650 Cylindrical Battery Measurement Kit

Product introduction:

SC-18650 is a detachable cylindrical battery measurement kit, specifically for the research of standard 18650 cylindrical batteries. Disassembly and assembly is quick and easy to change the electrode material under study.

SNB-2 Digital Rotary Viscometer

Product introduction:

SNB-2 Digital Rotary Viscometer is a new type of digital product developed based on the single-chip microprocessor technology for measuring the viscosity resistance of liquids and the absolute viscosity of liquids. Compared with similar products, it has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, stable viscosity value display, easy to read, simple operation, and good anti-interference performance. It is widely used to determine the viscosity of battery electrode coating paste, so as to facilitate adjustment to achieve the best mixing effect of the electrode paste. It can also be used to determine the viscosity of various fluids such as paint, food, drugs, adhesives and cosmetics.