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Horizontal Planetary Mix

Product introduction:

Horizontal planetary mixing SFM series planetary ball mill is equipped with four mixing tanks on a turntable. When the turntable rotates, the central axis of the mixing tank performs planetary movement, and the grinding balls in the tank are ground and milled at high speed Mix the samples. The product can be pulverized and mixed with two methods, dry and wet, with different particle sizes and different materials. The smallest particle size of the ground product can be reached (1.0 × 10-4mm). Widely used in geology, minerals, metallurgy, electronics, building materials, ceramics, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, environmental protection and other departments.

MSK-115A-L Secondary Vacuum Final Sealer


Product introduction:

MSK-115A-L secondary vacuum final sealing machine can be applied to the vacuum pre-sealing and secondary vacuum final sealing processes of flexible packaging lithium batteries. This machine is compact in design, can be placed in the glove box for operation, and can realize many functions such as vacuuming, piercing and draining, heating and sealing. The working chamber of the equipment maintains a good degree of vacuum, excellent sealing effect, and good battery flatness.

MSK-116A, 117A, 118A Pouch Battery Pneumatic Folding Machine

Product introduction:

MSK-116A, 117A, 118A Pouch Battery Pneumatic Folding Machine Pouch Battery Pneumatic Folding Machine is a device for hemming and shaping of aluminum-plastic film of lithium ion soft-pack battery. Side, beautify the external shape of the battery.

MSK-120L Aluminum Plastic Film Forming Machine

Product introduction:

MSK-120L aluminum plastic film forming machine is a device developed by Kejing Company for the application of aluminum ion plastic film forming for lithium ion soft pack batteries. The device is driven by a pressurized cylinder, which can be used to form the aluminum-plastic film shells of different sizes for the lithium-ion battery.

MSK-140L Single Station Heat Sealer

Product introduction:

MSK-140L single station heat sealer is a heating type sealing device applied to the top and side of flexible packaging lithium ion batteries developed by Kejing Company. The device heats the head by resistance to make the aluminum plastic film weld under the set pressure.