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Etelux Low Temperature Glove Box

When customers use the glove box for chemical experiments, some medicines need to be stored at extremely low temperatures. After we integrated the ultra-low temperature refrigerator on the glove box, some users reported that when the crystals were grown in the low temperature refrigerator, the refrigerator compressor started The state of vibration, the crystal does not grow.

Therefore, seeking a vibration-free low-temperature glove box that can prevent crystals from growing after the use of ultra-low temperature refrigerators is an urgent problem for the entire industry.

In response to the shortcomings of the prior art, Nichwell provides a vibration-free low-temperature glove box that can prevent the phenomenon of crystals from growing after using an ultra-low temperature refrigerator. The beneficial effects of the low temperature glove box are mainly as follows: After using a vibration-free ultra-low temperature refrigerator, the phenomenon that the crystal can’t grow can be eliminated, and the structure is simple and easy to install, even if the user installs it by himself.

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