Mobile Nucleic Acid Sampling Isolation Box | Safe and Efficient Nucleic Acid Sampling Space

  In the scorching sun, the white protective clothing looked particularly dazzling.

  In June, when the sun was scorching, a new round of epidemic broke out. The Xinfadi wholesale market in Beijing, the core area of ​​the outbreak, had a huge flow of people and a complicated population structure. How to find and isolate possible infected people as soon as possible, the new coronavirus nucleic acid test is one of the important challenges.

  But at such a high temperature, medical staff have to wear heavy and sultry protective clothing to work against the sun for several hours. In order not to affect work efficiency, they have to stick their foreheads and cheeks with wide tape to avoid fogging of the goggles. , Affecting operation. Moreover, it takes a lot of time and cumbersome disinfection procedures to put on and take off the protective clothing each time, which is extremely inconvenient.

  In order to better protect the safety of medical staff and provide a comfortable working environment. Michelona has introduced a portable nucleic acid sampling isolation box, which can separate the sampling staff from those involved in nucleic acid testing, and provide a safe sampling space.

Features of mobile nucleic acid sampling isolation box:

Single operation isolation box Double operation isolation box

1. Install air conditioner, indoor temperature can be adjusted

2. Ultraviolet rays disinfection, simple and efficient disinfection

3. Anti-virus and high-efficiency air filtration system

4. The lighting system is installed in the box with sufficient light

5. Mount bracket casters, easy to move

6. Multi-person operation isolation glove box can be customized

Application scenario

1. Hospitals, testing institutions

Medical staff can perform non-contact sampling operations on patients without wearing heavy protective clothing, so that medical staff are protected during virus sampling.

2. Freeway toll gate

Workers can complete non-contact sampling without wearing protective clothing. The person being sampled drives directly to the mobile nucleic acid sampling isolation box and can complete sampling without getting off the vehicle, which is safe and convenient.

3. Airport, high-speed rail bus station

In an important transportation hub with intensive traffic, the staff is extremely inconvenient and very tired to wear heavy and sultry protective clothing for a long time. The mobile nucleic acid sampling isolation box can provide a safe and fresh environment. The staff stand in the isolation box to complete nucleic acid sampling and information Registration and other work.

4. Gathering performances or gatherings

Due to the concentration of people, in order to ensure the safety and health of everyone, a large number of people need to be sampled for nucleic acid before the performance. The staff who use the mobile nucleic acid sampling isolation box can conduct non-contact nucleic acid sampling to avoid the risk of infection and improve the sampling efficiency.

Note: can be customized according to customer needs