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Manufacturing Method of Solid Battery

In recent years, the demand for batteries as a power source for portable electronic devices and energy storage has greatly expanded. For batteries having these applications, electrolytes such as organic solvents have been used as a medium for moving ions. During the use of the above battery, there is a problem that the electrolyte leaks and there are problems that an organic solvent used for the electrolyte is a flammable substance. Therefore, it is one of the development directions for batteries to use solid electrolytes instead of electrolytes, and a solid electrolyte is continuously developed, and other constituent elements are also composed of solids.

We now provide an automated production line for solid-state lithium-ion batteries. This production line is a fully automated production line for round solid-state batteries. The entire process is completed in a glove box. the quality of. In order to ensure that the positive electrode material, solid electrolyte, and negative electrode material are accurately injected, the process features are as follows: 1. The positive electrode material is powdered. The key point is to use a spiral powder injection method with vibration so that the positive electrode material powder is not injected. During the process, no residue is attached to the tube wall, which ensures the accuracy of powder injection of the cathode material. 2. Solid electrolyte powder injection, which uses high temperature to melt the solid electrolyte first, and then high temperature injection to ensure the accuracy of solid electrolyte powder injection. 3. Powder injection of negative electrode material, which also melts the negative electrode material first, and then performs high temperature liquid injection to ensure the accuracy of powder injection of the negative electrode material.


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