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Manufacturing Method of Lithium Ion Battery Automatic Production

The injection of electrolyte into the lithium ion battery manufacturing process has a significant impact on the performance and quality of lithium ion batteries. The amount of electrolyte has a significant impact on the cycle performance and overcharge resistance of the battery. When the amount of electrolyte is too much or too little, the cycle performance and safety performance are worse. Secondly, once the electrolyte absorbs water, when the lithium ion battery works, the electrochemical effect will produce a series of reactions that damage the performance of the lithium ion battery, such as hydrofluoric acid. In order to prevent the lithium ion battery from absorbing water during the injection process. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the quality of lithium ion battery products and improve the existing electrolyte injection technology. Secondly, the existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing process needs to be suspended for a period of time after the electrolyte is injected. The purpose of the shelf is to make the electrolyte evenly distributed in various parts of the battery cell, and it needs to be placed at high temperature, vacuum, or more Measures to make the electrolyte very uniformly distributed in various parts of the battery. Practice has proved that this kind of static shelving method is difficult to achieve that the electrolyte is evenly distributed in all parts of the battery cell in a short time. Therefore, under the existing liquid injection process, there are often adverse consequences such as local lithium evolution inside the battery, bulging cells, and low yield.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing lithium-ion battery liquid injection system, an automatic production line for lithium batteries is provided. This production line can realize full-automatic code scanning-filling-weighing-rehydration-sealing operation in the ultra-purified glove box, achieving high efficiency and completeness. Unmanned automated production greatly saves labor costs, greatly improves productivity and product quality and yield, and maximizes benefits for customers. This production line is a revolution in lithium battery / supercapacitor production.

Function description

  1. The battery raw material package enters the glove box from the feed bin;
  2. The battery raw material package is automatically scanned and weighed, and the weighed battery raw material package is automatically placed in the material conveying device;
  3. The conveying device automatically enters the liquid injection cylinder for liquid injection;
  4. The liquid-filled batteries enter the standing cylinders 1, 2, and 3 respectively for standing;
  5. The battery after standing still enters the sealing cylinder for vacuuming and sealing;
  6. The sealed battery will be automatically weighed twice, and the unqualified products will enter the recycling transition bin on the left for processing;
  7. The qualified batteries will be automatically sent to the discharge box.

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