Instructions for use of glove box

  1. Untrained personnel are not allowed to use the glove box without authorization;    2. It is forbidden to use items that can poison the regeneration catalyst, such as sulfhydryl compounds, etc.; do not use volatile solvents that can damage the Plexiglas, such as acetone;   3. The inside and outside doors of the large and small compartments cannot be opened at the same time when entering and exiting items;   4. The manufacturer needs to remove the water probe before using volatile solvents, and open the activated carbon circulation system when using volatile solvents;   5. Always pay attention to the capacity of the nitrogen cylinder and the water and oxygen content displayed by the water and oxygen meters. The N2 pressure gauge is generally set to 0.4-0.6 MPa when the glove box is circulating, and the water and oxygen content is generally less than 1ppm;   6. ​​When using the glove box, no long nails or sharp objects (such as watches, rings, jewelry, etc.) can be worn;   7. When in use, the small warehouse needs to be vacuumed for 10 minutes, the large warehouse needs 30 minutes, inflate, and repeat twice; when entering items from small or large warehouses, ensure that the N2 in the gas tank will not be interrupted; it is recommended to use the small warehouse as much as possible;    8. The vacuum pump must always be in working condition, and the vacuum pump can be turned off at night or when it is not applicable for a long time;    9. When the oxygen concentration in the box exceeds 200 ppm, the system should be cleaned. When cleaning the glove box, the N2 pressure gauge is generally set to 0.15Mpa-0.2Mpa. When cleaning, it is forbidden to cycle;   10. In the control panel: the cleaning and regeneration keys can not be touched by anyone. When the cabinet needs to be cleaned, the manufacturer can do it under the guidance of professionals;
  2. The water and oxygen probes are very sensitive to water and oxygen. If the box is damaged or leaks and a large amount of air enters the box, you should first close the N2 tank main valve, then cut off the power supply of the glove box, quickly remove the water and oxygen probes, and save Produce the factory immediately under anhydrous and oxygen-free conditions;    12. When danger occurs, first close the main valve of the gas tank, and then cut off the power supply of the glove box;
  3. At least one tank of high-purity N2 should be reserved in the laboratory. When the pressure of the N2 tank is less than 1MPa, the N2 tank should be replaced. It is strictly forbidden to replace the N2 tank after the N2 is completely used. The replacement process of the N2 tank is as follows: close the main valve of the N2 tank → close Pressure reducing valve → remove the N2 tank → replace the N2 tank, do not tighten the screws at the joint first, should tighten slightly, half open the main valve of the N2 tank (be careful not to fully open the main valve of the N2 tank to avoid excessive pressure), use a large amount At the N2 blowing joint, be sure to completely flush the air at the joint. When the air at the joint is completely blown away, tighten the screws at the joint under N2 conditions to fully open the N2 tank master valve and adjust the pressure reducing valve to 0.4 -0.6 MPa.   14. Clean, regenerate and replace the vacuum pump oil on the glove box regularly.
  4. Loop
    Except for long periods of inactivity, it is recommended to keep it on during the period of non-use. There is no need to turn on the vacuum pump. When the glove box is not in use, set the internal air pressure within the range of 1-6. When using it, it can be appropriately adjusted to negative pressure -1 to 6 In between, the schedule of the pressure reducing valve of the argon cylinder is adjusted to about 0.5MPA.
    Note: Do not squeeze the gloves during the period, and turn on the cooling water when circulating.
  5. Cleaning
    When it is not used for a period of time, or when a certain amount of air is mixed into the box, turn it on before reuse, and the vacuum pump needs to be turned on. Cleaning makes the water and oxygen level in the tank reach below 100ppm, and then circulates to make it drop to a proper value. During the cleaning process, the pressure reducing valve of the gas cylinder is adjusted to about 0.2MPa. If the oxygen content of the water is below 100ppm, the cycle can be started directly.
    Note: The pressure range of the tank must be set to a positive value during cleaning. Cleaning and regeneration can be carried out together, but cleaning and circulation cannot be carried out together. The cleaning is only for the glove box box, the regeneration is only for the purification column, and the cycle is for the entire pipeline and the box.
  6. Transition cabin
    Pay attention to three manual cleaning and air extraction operations for the transition chamber when putting it in and taking it out. Clean it first when putting it in and vacuum when taking it out. The operation of the large warehouse is performed on the outside, and each cleaning requires about one-tenth of a bottle of argon.
  7. Regeneration
    Regeneration is generally once every three months to half a year. It is used when the water and oxygen value in the glove box cannot be reduced by cleaning cycles and other steps. The single-column glove box has 1.3kg and 36L water and oxygen absorption capacity. After so much water and oxygen, it may need to be regenerated.

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