How to Calculate the Leakage Rate of the Glove Box?

  Leakage rate is an important indicator of the glove box. It refers to the speed at which air leaks into the glove box per unit time under a set pressure, usually under negative pressure. It is usually used as a percentage of the volume of the box that leaks per hour, that is *%/h to describe.

    For example, if the pressure of the glove box is adjusted to -10mbar, and 3 liters of air leaks into a single-station glove box with a box volume of 750 liters within 4 hours, the leakage rate = 3 liters / 750 liters / 4 hours = 0.1%/hour. The air leakage rate of the general glove box is less than 0.05%/hour. This glove box is unqualified.