High-efficiency Cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery Production Device

The cylindrical steel shell battery is a common high-performance lithium-ion battery with energy density, long cycle life, good rate performance and safety performance. It is mainly used in mobile electronic products and power fields. In the production of steel shell batteries, there is a process that presses the pressure cap on the top of the battery on the cylindrical battery shell. To ensure processing efficiency, this process is usually carried out on an automatic production line. During production, the battery shells are individually Transported to the press-fitting station and clamped by a pneumatic clamping mechanism, and then press-fit the press cap on the battery shell through the press-fit device. In the above-mentioned production process, the existence of the pneumatic clamping mechanism takes up more production time.

Provide a high-efficiency cylindrical lithium-ion battery production device. The lithium battery automatic production line can realize automatic scanning-injection-weighing-refill-sealing operations in the super clean glove box, realizing high-efficiency and completely unmanned automatic production, greatly saving Labor costs, greatly improve production capacity, product quality and yield, and maximize the benefits for customers.

The beneficial effects are: the total execution time of each organization in the production process is saved, the production rhythm is accelerated, and the production efficiency is improved. So as to realize the rhythm matching between the material conveying and the pressing operation, and then realize the efficient continuous automatic production.

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