1) Fill in the use record in time after operating the glove box, including “user, H2O and O2 value, what to do”.

2) When changing the gas bottle in the glove box, the pressure is set to the default value of ± 4mbar.

3) The daily working pressure is set according to the operating comfort. When not used for a long time, the pressure is set to 1-6mbar.

4) Regularly check the wear of gloves, check the vacuum pump oil level (between the upstream and downstream markings), and add pump oil appropriately.

5) Clean the H2O probe once every 2 to 3 months to ensure accurate detection. (It is also necessary to refer to the actual situation of the environment in different user boxes)

6) If you often use organic solvents in your glove box, it is recommended that you regularly replace the organic solvent adsorption material, no later than one year.

7) Replace the filter element regularly, no later than two years.

8) According to the actual situation of using your glove box, decide to change the vacuum pump oil cycle. Do not replace the pump oil more than 2 years later.

9) If a large amount of organic solvent is unavoidably exposed during the experiment, the cycle needs to be stopped for the experiment. After the experiment is completed, the cycle is cleaned first.

10) When the environment inside the chamber is toxic or harmful gas, the exhaust port of the vacuum pump, the regeneration gas exhaust port and the cleaning valve exhaust port must be exhausted to the outside (exhaust treatment must be done first).

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