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Features of Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery Automated Production Line


This production line is a fully automated production line for round solid-state batteries. The whole process is completed in the glove box, ensuring that the entire process is produced in an oxygen-free and water-free environment, ensuring the quality of the product. In order to ensure that the positive electrode material, solid electrolyte, and negative electrode material are accurately injected, the process characteristics are as follows:

  1. Powder injection of positive electrode material

The key point is to adopt the spiral powder injection method with vibration, so that the positive electrode material powder is not in the entire powder injection process, and no residue is attached to the tube wall, ensuring the accuracy of the positive electrode material powder injection.

  1. Powder injection of solid electrolyte

It uses high temperature to melt the solid electrolyte first, and then inject liquid at high temperature to ensure the accuracy of the powder injection of the solid electrolyte.

  1. Powder injection of negative electrode material

It also melts the negative electrode material first, and then performs high-temperature injection to ensure the accuracy of the powder injection of the negative electrode material.