Automated Production of Lithium Batteries Has Been Achieved

At present, the new concept of low-carbon life is promoted, and the human society is promoted from the current high-energy, high-consumption life production mode to energy-saving, recyclable and sustainable development mode. Specifically, it is to vigorously promote the application of clean energy, such as the application of solar and wind energy in the field of power generation, and the use of hybrid vehicles or pure electric vehicles to replace traditional gas oline-based vehicles.

The application of clean energy and new vehicles is inseparable from medium and large energy storage batteries and power batteries. Among many energy storage batteries and power batteries, lithium-ion batteries have gradually replaced the traditional nickel-metal hydride/nickel-cadmium secondary batteries due to their high energy density and long service life. They are used in new energy vehicles and wind power storage. Emerging fields such as solar energy storage and solar energy have great development prospects.

Therefore, an automated production line for lithium batteries is provided, which can realize automatic code scanning-injection-weighing-rehydration-sealing operations in the super clean glove box, realizing high-efficiency and completely unmanned automatic production, which greatly saves labor costs. Greatly improve production capacity, product quality and yield, and maximize the benefits for customers. This production line is a revolution in the production of lithium batteries/supercapacitors.

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