Vacuum glove box and its function

The vacuum glove box is a lithium battery laboratory equipment that fills high-purity inert gas into the box and circulates and filters out the active substances in it. Also known as glove box, inert gas protection box, dry box, etc. It mainly removes O2, H2O, and organic gases. It is widely used in ultra-pure environments without water, oxygen and dust, such as: lithium ion batteries and materials, semiconductors, super capacitors, special lamps, laser welding, brazing, etc.
 The function of the vacuum glove box  

  1. Closed circulation: The vacuum glove box and the gas purification system form a closed circulation system, and the gas purification system provides gas circulation power.
  2. Man-machine dialogue: configure color touch screen, Chinese interface, realize man-machine dialogue, easy operation
  3. Manual control ( The man-machine interface of the color touch screen is integrated with the PLC program control system to control the system)
    Realization function: manual/manual control cabinet pressure;
    Manual/manual control of the purification status of the gas purification system;
    Manually control the original process of the gas purification system;
    Manual/manual purification system reduction, purification and conversion purification column(When dual purification columns are configured);
    Automatic cabinet atmosphere alarm;
    Setting of atmosphere and pressure parameters in the box and manual/automatic conversion;
    Parameter setting of manual control function of gas purification system;
    Check system history;
    Operation error and warning prompt of the program control system;
  4. Reduction and regeneration
    The purification system uses renewable/reducible purification materials, and the reduction process is manually controlled by the system;
    During reduction and regeneration, it is necessary to meet the requirements of power supply and supply of hydrogen (5-10%) mixed gas with inert gas.
  5. Misoperation prevention: The system automatically detects the conditions and equipment operating status during the work process through the PLC program control system. For example, if there is an error, the system sends out an error operation or a prompt instruction of insufficient conditions. The equipment operation becomes safer and safer for the operator. Come and use the equipment more conveniently.
    Generally speaking, the import and domestic glovebox regeneration procedures are the same, the first 6 hours are basically the same, and the total time is somewhat different (24H, 20H, 16H, etc.). There may be two aspects to regeneration without air intake. There is no fault in the glove box regeneration system–then you check whether the pressure reducing valve of the mixed gas cylinder is open, whether the regeneration flow meter is open, the program should start to ventilate after running for 3 hours. If the above confirmation is correct, the glove box regeneration system may be faulty. Check whether the regeneration intake solenoid valve is clogged, or the outlet valve is clogged, or the solenoid valve is burned out. In this case, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for repair.
    Daily maintenance of the glove box:
    First check whether the gloves are damaged, whether they are installed firmly, and whether the glove holes are loose. If the gloves are damaged or leaking, please replace them in time. If the gloves or glove holes are loose or not firmly installed, please reinstall them firmly.
    Secondly, check the appearance of the glove box system and whether there is debris or fluid in the box. An unclean glove box can cause blockage of the system and reduce or damage the working efficiency of the system.
    The third inspection of the various devices, seals, gas connections and pipes of the glove box system should ensure good sealing, firm connections and no leakage.
     Battery tester is one of the lithium battery experimental equipment. What are the steps to use it?    1. Connect both the positive and negative poles of the output line, the positive pole of the battery capacity tester and the positive pole of the battery are connected together, and the negative stage and the negative stage of the battery are connected together. After the connection is completed, you will hear a beeping alarm sound, which is the prompt sound after the battery capacity tester is connected to the power supply.   2. Now press the select button to try to discharge the current, and press the select button to terminate the voltage. There are some other keys, the clear key can stop the beeping. Then the instrument will start to record the discharge time.   3. Now choose the discharge current, 5A for 7-14AH, and 10A for 17-24AH.   4. Then test the battery capacity, the test is 10.5V, and then deep discharge, the voltage is 3V.    5. When the discharge stops, the buzzing alarm sound will also stop. Now that we have finished the test, we can remove the battery.

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